Fanny and Johnnie advertise their Weekly Partwork Cradock Cookery Programme on TV

Fanny advises Gwen Troake on menu planning - the end of Fanny's TV career

Our Royal Mincemeat Part One

Our Royal Mincemeat Part Two

Petits Fours Part One

Petits Fours Part two

Fanny and Johnnie judge Young Cook of the Year interviewed by Judy Finnegan


  1. Hello

    Is it possible to get a copy of the infamous Christmas cookery book

    1. It's becoming more and more rare, I can look out for one for you if you like - meantime I can send you a PDF if you email me - keepcalmandfannyon AT gmail DOT com ;-)

  2. Hi there, can I be cheeky and ask for a pdf please? I managed to get the cookery partwork last year in the original binders, and have been after the Christmas booklet for years! Love your blog very much too :)

  3. Could I have a copy too please.send to

    Thank you so much, this book is un-findable.

  4. Hello,
    I sent an e-mail to the address that you provided above. I was hoping to receive a pdf of the Christmas booklet as well. It seems impossible to find now.

  5. I wonder if I might have a copy of the booklet too please? I've wanted to make the royal mincemeat and christmas pud for years but never been able to get hold of the booklet. Fantastic blog, shes so disparaged but I expect a large part of it all was her act and she sure could cook.
    Many thanks

  6. It seems everyone wishes for a pdf. If I may also have one I'd be ever so thankful and gladly share with others.

    Thank you also for this wonderful resource. It reminds me of my childhood.